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Seed Drill

Tractor Rotavator | Multipurpose Tillage Implements

Tractor Rotavator is an implement that cuts the soil by rotary tines or knives mounted as a horizontal shaft. It is also called “rotary tiller”. It is suitable for shallow cultivation and weed control. It consists of a power driven shaft on which knives or tines are mounted to cut the soil and trash. This is useful for hilly areas and small hand holdings.


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Tractor Rotavator & its Uses | Agriculture Machine Manufacturer

Rotavator is a tractor drive rotary tillage machine, used to plough the farm by a series of blades which cuts, pulverizes, mixes and level the soil in a single pass.

Use of Rotavator in Agriculture

  • Break up the Soil
  • Land leveling
  • Preparation of seedbed for sowing
  • Used in primary and secondary tillage
  • Minimize fuel consumption & time duration

Square Baler Manufacturers, Dealer and Supplier

Fieldking Square Baler designed to collect and compress grass or straw, into easy to manage Square shape bales.


Square baler is great as the sahpe helps to stack bales on top of each other. It is an out of the box thinking and helps farmers to the core. Buy it online.

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